Wednesday, November 16, 2011


PACT/Prime Time students from Van Buren, Hoover and Nixon have been blogging up a storm.  Our math courses have been creating their own math problems for their fellow students to solve.  Some of them are really challenging.  Way to go kids!!!
We also have a creative writing blog, where students can write and post their own stories and have their classmates read their finished products.  All of the blogs have to be preapproved before going LIVE!
I am trying to keep up with all the blogging :)  It has taken off like wildfire!
Congratulations to all of our Bloggers!
Mrs. Arnold

Final Day for PACT/Prime Time Classes.

We only have 3 1/2 weeks of PACT/Prime Time left for this calendar year.  The final day for our Prime Time/PACT classes is Wednesday, December 21st.  Your child will bring home his/her work folder and an evaluation/observation on the last day of class in December.
We will be starting some new classes for the spring semester. 
The Prime Time class will be Global Literature. 
Math Olympiads will continue their quest for algebraic/geometry knowledge. 
Other classes for spring will be annouced soon. :)
Mrs. Arnold

Oh No, I have to change the Recipe!

Prime Time students (2nd and 3rd grade) at Hoover, Nixon and Van Buren just began a unit on changing recipes.  We have been using multiplication or repeated addition to help us figure out how to alter the recipe to meet our needs. 
Check out our Thanksgiving turkeys that we created together.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Awesome Math Students Race Against the Clock!

Students at Van Buren elementary ran/walked 25 ft. yesterday during class.  They had to use division to figure out how many feet per second they were moving. 
First they did it as fast as they could, then they did it as slow as they could.   Our fastest times were 12 1/2 feet per second.  Our slowest time was 0.38 feet per second.
Now they have to relate this to our new Chapter :  When are We Going to Get There?  (miles per hour)

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Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Cartoon Turtle Walking Slowly By by Zooco

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Van Buren and Hoover Greek Mythology students present: gods or goddesses!

Greek mythology students at Van Buren and Hoover are preparing their presentation for class.  Each child chose a god or goddess to study and they have been learning about that particular person.  They are now getting ready to show the class their powerpoint or posterboard presentation.  We are all looking forward to learning more about the powerful leaders of Greek mythology. 
Zeus, king of the gods | Athenian red figure amphora C5th B.C. | Musée du Louvre, Paris